Direct Burner Ignition System Manual

Direct Burner Ignition System Manual - Direct spark ignition gas burner assembly – American Dryer Corp. ML-190 User Manual Page 25. Honeywell Y343B1002 Users Manual 68 0014 Direct Spark Gas Burner Ignition Package. first reading the BURNER IGNITION sections of this Owner’s Guide. THIS GAS APPLIANCE IS DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. This Owner’s Guide contains important information necessary for the proper assembly and safe use of the appliance. Read and follow all warnings and instructions before assembling and using the appliance. GRILL OWNER’S GUIDE Thank you for purchasing a.

Manual reset valves require operator attendance each time the system is started up (or restarted after a shut- down). Motorized shut-off valves permit automatic start-restart when used with an appropriate control system. General Instructions Important: Do not discard packing material until all loose items are accounted for. To prevent damage in transit, the spark ignitor, mounting gaskets, and. A covered pilot observation and ignition port with separate inspection port are provided on the burner stack. A low-pressure natural gas pilot supply is recommended with the Varec 239A Burner. Since biogas is typically moist and dirty with fluctuating pressure and BTU value, it may not provide the reliable pilot flame necessary. Please specify if pilot gas utilized is propane.. Ignition User Manual © 2015-2019 Inductive Automation All rights reserved. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without the written permission of the publisher..

Manual – Standing pilot valve manually turned ON and OFF for each heating cycle. • Direct spark – When the thermostat calls for heat, the main burner is ignited by a direct spark or ceramic (glow bar) igniter. Eliminates the pilot, but requires flame sensor and more expensive ignition module. •Hot Surface Ignition – Similar to Direct spark except it uses a “glowbar” or. 7 THE IGNITION SYSTEM 131 Regardless of the cause, the results are soot all over the house, boiler doors blown open, draft regulator blown out, flue pipe knocked down, or any combination of these.. Manual Spark, Flame Sensing (FPPK) – With the push of a button, the manual spark igniter opens the main gas valve and lights your fire pit- forget about lighting your fire pit with matches! For added safety, this ignition system features a flame sensing system that will automatically close the gas flow when the pilot blows out..

Electronic ignition fire pit kits offer a simple ignition option to provide convenience and safety for your gas fire pit project. The hot surface ignition systems in these units provide reliable lighting every time you want to use your fire pit. For added functionality, many of these units also include Bluetooth compatibility, allowing remote control via a smartphone app..